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Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are a vital part of any business’s fire safety plans and procedures. Many businesses do not have a compliant diagram established in their workplace and this can endanger the safety of their employees and any customers in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Evacuation diagrams should be easy to read and shouldn't be hard to understand or follow, helping occupants to get to safety as quickly as possible. Your company is also open to liability if anyone is injured or even killed in a fire as it is the business’s responsibility to ensure these diagrams are in place and are up to date.

Safe and Effective results for your workplace.

  • Diagrams in A4 or A3 size
  • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are to be displayed where occupants and visitors are able to view them.
  • Each diagram shall have the correct orientation with regard to the direction of egress and its location to the "YOU ARE HERE" point. Where an assembly area diagram is included, it shall have the same orientation to the rest of the diagram
  • Location of FireFighting Equipment
  • Designated assembly areas
  • Designated EXITS
  • Including the RACE acronym

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Dynamick Fire Installations takes a fresh, easy approach to designing Emergency Evacuation Diagrams. It is vital to ensure building occupants exit the building safely in an emergency situation and diagrams must comply with Australian Standards AS3745-2010 and legislation keeping up to date with the recent changes to the standard. You will have a diagram designed specifically for your business or building, incorporating your logo.

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